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Oops …!  Applications are over!

Stay tuned to find out the 4 teams that will deal with Get Your Liguiria Experience’s challenges !


Hi! Welcome, here you can apply to Get Your Liguria Experience project.

We’re looking for 16 people: bloggers, photographers, video makers, local guides and social stars who want to get a challenge and take part in the game!

4 teams, 16 players, 4 itineraries and a land to discover are the key elements (key ingredients) of this unique experience!

Get Your Liguria Experience is the game experience created to design and narrate 4 different travel experiences to discover the Liguria through the personal traveler’s point of view.

It is a real team competition: the team that will be able to realize the most liked itinerary/travel experience by the online and social community of Liguria and rated by a quality jury will win a prize of € 5.000 (divided in €2.000 for the videomaker and €1.000 for each of the other components).


How to participate?

It’s easy:

Step 1: Read the application Instructions and the Challenge Rules

Step 2: Choose the role that you want to apply for

Step 3: Fill out the form!


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