Challenge Rules

1. Project description

Get Your Liguria Experience is a format that will be covering the Northern Italian Region of Liguria in July 2017 with the intent of creating novel experiential and entertaining visual content for the promotion of the Liguria Region.

Exploration and discovery of the territory will be narrated through the personal point of view of the travelers who will be divided into four different teams, each following a unique thematic experiential itinerary covering all four provinces of Liguria

Get Get Your Liguria Experience is a real team contest where the team that will be able to achieve the most liked itinerary/travel experience by the online and social community and rated by a quality jury, will be rewarded a cash  prize (specified below)

Team members select the preferred tour in the application, and are will be assigned a theme, a means of transport (motorcycle, car, three wheel Apecar, public transport, bicycle, boat).
The “game rules” called “game experience” describe the goals to be achieved, travel information required, resources to discover, local experiences to enjoy, mysteries to solve and a list of multimedia contents to be produced to narrate the entire travel and vacation experience in Liguria.

Each time is made up of:

  • Blogger
  • Social Influencer
  • Video maker / Photographer
  • Local guide & mentor

To complete each stage of the tour, the four teams will have to produce a minimum and pre-determined number of multimedia contents (photos, videos, blog posts, radio podcasts, etc.) that will be published on the project platform to be viewed and be evaluated by the online community.

The challenge will take place within two weeks in July 2017: two teams each week for 3 days in the territory, from 18 to 20 July and from 25 to 27 July. (All transport, food and accommodation costs are covered by the organizing agency).

Upon completion of the challenge, all the goals described in the game experience must have been achieved by the teams, the jury will rate the content produced and the engagement generated online: on this parameter, the jury will nominate the winner that will receive a prize of 5.000 (five-thousand) euro. The prize conferment will take place during the presentation event organized by the Liguria Agency, by the end of October.

2. Requisites for application

The applicants, leading figures in the initiative,  must be 18 years of age. Minors under 18 can apply only if accompanied by an adult (ex children of participants) and their application will be taken into consideration exclusively if they are bloggers / videomakers specialized in family travel or in the case of Social Star under 18 years-old.

Those who apply for the position using Car / motorcycle /  Ape Car as transportation must be in possession of a valid license to drive the chosen vehicle.

Requirements for all figures


In order to apply for the position of blogger it is necessary to have the following requisites:

  • Have a blog with an average of at least 10.000 unique monthly views and/or an average of 40.000 monthly page views ;
  • Have at least 3 social profiles active

Local Guide/Testimonial
In order to apply for the position of local guide / testimonial it is necessary to have the following requisites:

  • Be born or resident in the Liguria Region and / or have a continuous relationship with the territory;
  • Be mother tongue o speak fluent Italian and speak at least one foreign language (English), or others including English;
  • Have experience as a local guide/testimonial on at least one occasion, not necessarily certificated (ex. Invasioni digitali, Notte dei musei, blog tour mentor, ecc.).


Video Maker/Fotografo
In order to apply for the position of Video Maker / Photographer it is necessary to have the following requisites:

  • at least 2 social profiles, one of which must be Youtube e/o Vimeo for the video maker and Flickr or Instagram for the photographer.

Social Star
In order to apply for the position of Social Star it is necessary to have the following requisites:

  • Be active on at least 4 different social medias;
  • Have a total social audience of at least 50.000 fans, friends and/or followers.

3. Procedure and terms for application

Application must take place through

Application for the initiative “Get Your Liguria Experience” is open until July 8 2017.

There are positions available for Bloggers | Local Guides/Testimonials | Video Makers/Photographers | Social Stars.

Each participant can apply for a single position.

In order to participate it is necessary to fill out the contact form on the page

All candidates following other procedures for application different from the above will not be taken into consideration.

4. Parameters of evaluation for individual participate in the Challenge (by the judges)

Parameters of evaluation

The following parameters will be used in order to evaluate team work:

  • Satisfaction with the general requirements and the chosen position (Video maker / photographer, Travel Blogger, Local guide & mentor or Social Influencer )
  • Evaluation of the quality of material produced in the past;
  • Evaluation of the tone of voice / communicative approach to the objectives of the sector and the subject matter.

Panel of judges

A quality jury will be made up of professionals nominated within the organizing agency  (Agency in Liguria), tourism experts and professionals nominated by the agency G & M Network Srl,  responsible for the design and implementation of the entire project Get Your Liguria Experience.

5. Notification of Results and Reserve List

Notification of the results of the selection of candidates will be communicated by email to the address indicated at the application stage.I

Candidates selected, who are unable to participate in the challenge, must inform the Agency within 24 hours and will be replaced by those directly under them in the classification.

Reserve List

Candidates who have not been selected for the trip – but whose application meets the requirements and rank immediately below the winners – will be placed in a reserve list.

Placing on the reserve list does not entail any right to the Panel of judges and does not guarantee that the participants will be selected to participate at a later stage of this initiative.

6. Prizes

The winning team, on the basis of the engagement reached online, will receive a prize of € 5,000 (five-thousand) distributed as follows:

  • € 1,000 (one thousand) prize for the Blogger category;
  • € 1,000 (one thousand) for the Local Guide / Testimonial category;
  • € 1,000 (one thousand) prize for the Social Star category;
  • € 2,000 (two thousand) for the Video Maker / Photographer category.

7. Disclaimer

With the candidates the participants declare to accept this regulation in all its parts.

All materials (videos, photos, texts) of communication and narrative produced by participants during the competition and/or uploaded to the platform will be released by the participants to Liguria Agency and will follow the Creative Commons license and it may be used by the Liguria Agency and the G&M Network Srl company during and after the event for Liguria’s initiatives, projects, activities and promotion tools, also for commercial purposes.