The project

Get Your Liguria Experience is a format promoted by Agenzia in Liguria – Promozione Turistica, that will be covering the Northern Italian Region of Liguria in July 2017 with the intent of creating novel experiential and entertaining visual content for the promotion of this Region.

Sixteen travelers from different countries around the world and from Italy will compete in the construction of four different experiential thematic itineraries that will cover all four provinces, building a multimedia narrative.

Get Get Your Liguria Experience is a real team competition where the team that will be able to realize the most liked itinerary/travel experience by the online and social community of Liguria and rated by a quality jury, will be rewarded.

To each team, based on the preferences expressed in the application, will be assigned a theme, a means of transport (motorcycle, car, bee car, public transport, bicycle, boat) and the “game rules” called “game experience” in which will be described the goals to be reached, travel information needed, resources to discover, local experiences to enjoy, mysteries to solve and a list of multimedia contents to be produced to tell the entire travel and vacation experience.

Each time is made up of:

  • Travel Blogger
  • Video maker / photographer
  • Social Influencer
  • Local guide & mentor

To complete each stage of the tour, the four teams will have to produce a minimum and pre-determined number of multimedia contents (photos, videos, blog posts, radio podcasts, etc.) that will be published on the project platform to be viewed and be evaluated by the online community.

The race will take place within two weeks in July 2017: two teams each week for 3 days in the territory, from 18 to 20 July and from 25 to 27 July. (All transport, food and accommodation costs are charged by the organizing agency).

When the tour will be closed and all the goals described in the game experience will be reached, the jjury will rate the contents produced and the engagement generated online: on this parameter, the jury will nominate the winner that will receive a prize of 5.000 (five-thousand) euro. The prize conferment will take place during the presentation event organized by the Liguria Agency, by the end of October.


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